Laban in the Air

july 2018, from 13th to 21st

LABAN in the AIR, with Katharina Conradi

The Workshop – Body-Mapping and Crystalline Dancing

In this workshop we will work with our potential to move from an authentic resource. This year the attention will be on finding the connection between inner space and outer space through Body-Mapping and working with the Platonic Solids (Crystalline Dancing) on the dance floor and in nature. We will explore our Moving Self in dance through the Laban/Bartenieff Movement System, guided by principles such as Breath, Dynamic Alignment, Core Support, Developmental Patterning, Body Landmarks, Rotation and Spatial Intent. Each concept will be presented through simple experiential movement platforms that awaken the body’s attention and wisdom to its functional anatomy and presence in space.

In the second half of the workshop we will investigate our dance in relation to inner experience as we connect with nature and other dancers. This will include shared partner dances (Contact Improvisation), witnessing each other in authentic dances (Authentic Movement) and building a personal and meaningful solo in contact with the stunning surrounding of water, earth, mountains, stars, moon and sun. The workshop will be balanced in exertive and recuperative parts. The joy of moving, our authentic ways of dancing, contact with what is surrounding us and who is surrounding us will be important keystones in this work. They will shape the unique connections with our inner and outer landscape in dance. This workshop is open to people of all levels in dance.

Katharina Conradi

MA (Dance Therapy) CMA (Certified Movement Analyst), Katarina is a choreographer, dance therapist and dance educator based in Amsterdam. She works at the University for the Performing Arts in Amsterdam and Rotterdam (NL). She teaches internationally in Poland, Spain, Germany, New York and Belgium. Katharina wrote a book with Matina Sideri, presents “Moving Our Selves” intensives with her colleague Joanna Brotman, and works as a therapist in her own private practice. Her main approach is to use the body and creative process as a source and possibility for growth.

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