Seiki & Qi Gong

from august 31st to september 5th

Seiki & Qi Gong, with Paul Lundberg

Seiki is a simple and profound approach to healing drawn from the Japanese tradition, and presented in contemporary form by Akinobu Kishi, the founder of Seiki, and with whom I studied and collaborated for many years.
In a spirit of exploration and celebration, it combines the simplest natural principles in exercise training for body-mind harmony, suitable for individual practice and for sharing with others. It represents the “Experiential Path” in Shiatsu training.
I have developed a cycle of workshops that support the unfolding practice of Seiki for people with varied experience.
With this residential workshop we want to inaugurate a cycle of annual meetings of experimentation and deepening in the subtle art of healing working with touching and Qi Gong. Fortunately, we found in Baile en el Aire (Dance in the Air) the ideal and precious place for it.
This workshop is mainly suitable for pratitioners of Shiatsu, Seiki, Qi Gong and any person interested in energy healing work

I'll be teaching in Spanish, with possible traduction into English and Deutch

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